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I love Pugs and making images of them.
Zoe & Rudy, My Muses

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
10:32:42 PM EST
Feeling Sad
Sweet Sweet Zozee
This Christmas will be a sad one without our little girl. I miss her so much.
She was so hilarious. She only liked cat toys. She loved
little puff balls attached to long strings. She loved to watch t.v. and bark at the animals
in shows and on commercials. She would memorize the music in the background of dog
food comercials so just in case she was far away from the t.v. she would know to run to
the screen and attack. I miss her.

Comment from Friends:
I'm sorry that your friend has left you. Take comfort knowing that she is in a better place now.
Love, Sweet Sista Barbara.

Friday, December 16, 2005
10:05:14 AM EST
Feeling Sad
Angel Zoe
Zoe: November 2000 - December 13, 2005

Zoe died from PDE. Now there is an empty place in our hearts and home.
Dog beds are vacant, puff balls lay still and food is left uneaten.
No Buddah belly to rub. A million tears will say goodbye to our sweet girl, Zoe.

Favorite Memories:
Zoe was a super fetcher! In the park she did it with a hot pink mini super ball
and she was precision in motion returning and dropping the ball at your feet everytime!

Zoe entertained family and friends by becoming a crazed barking fiend
everytime there was a dog on TV.

Zoe was a lap dog that loved to perch on your legs.

Zoe was curiuos and would follow everyone around the house especially into the bathroom,
she would get pets there.

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) Project

Messages from friends:
12/16/05 I am so sad to hear that Zoe has left us. Magic dog will also be sad when he visits Rudy
and Zoe doesn't great him. Zoe taught Magic so much! How to ask for what you want from
your people. They had food issues in common and Zoe taught him how to talk to me and to
remind me when it was time for dinner. She was so sweet. I miss her.- Dorothy Annette

I was so proud of this print that Gracie was making for Zoe. I didn't know Zoe personally and I don't know Rudy personally but I have love for them both. They are very sweet doggies, and they are Gracie's friends. You will be sorely missed Zoe. And I pray for peace in Rudy's little Pug heart. I love you, Gracie. God Bless from Your sweet sista' Barbara.
Comment from acffinc - 12/16/05 2:02 PM

Monday, November 14, 2005
12:02:52 PM EST
My Buddy Rudy:
I can attest to Rudy's raw physical power to attain extremely high speeds
while running on flat ground or up stairs and around obstacles. I can not
outrun him, even with a generous headstart, he just pulls his head up and
pugruns like a champion, defeating me everytime. Of course, as a good sport,
he is always gracious in victory. One word I would describe, my friend,
Rudy with, is.... HEART. - Matt

12:14:22 AM EST
Feeling Happy
Hi my name is Rudy
Hello Future Friends,
My name is Rudy (my friends call me Rude dog) and I am a six year old
black pug. I am the sweetest dog that you will ever meet. I love to chase
my frisbee and cuddle with my favorite people. I am one of the fastest pugs
on the planet, I have even out run a Great Dane. I like to show off for
company and hump my leopard skin bed. I am a constant source of
love and entertainment.

Sunday, November 6, 2005
Zoe attacks the Shark Vac
Cleaning Day
This morning is cleaning day. Dust bunnies watch out!
The new Shark vac sucks up the dog hair and dustballs
but it brings out the maniac in Zoe. Zoe barks and attacks
the vac like a pug possessed. She had a good workout today
with all the vacuming.

Comment from barbaracompany - 12/17/05 9:48 AM: She looks
like a reall go getter in this picture. Zoe looks like she could take
on the world here. Very lion-hearted! Bless her.