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Acey said...
I am completely smitten with this[flower] series

Suzy said...
Having contacted you in the past for Faith Ringgold info for two of my books (Storybook Art and Discovering Great Artists), I was pleased to read up on "YOU"...and all your wonderful art. I've enjoyed going through your blog -- your personality comes through as fun and bright and contemporary. All good things, right?
MaryAnn Kohl
12:10 PM

Comments on Peace Quilt:

Faith said...You have done a wonderful job and I am so proud of you. There will be many more commissions to come. This is great. Everyone will love it. Can't wait till the kids see it at their New York preview. Faith

Barbara F. said...Grace, you've got this blogger thing down pat. And the 'Peace Quilt' that you and Faith have created is magnificent. Thanks for sending it to me. Barbara.

Anonymous said...
Grace: As usual, both you and Faith have outdone yourself. I am so proud of you and being part of your family. I love you very much.

Grace Yun says: The quilt's absolutely exquisite!

Thank you for putting your talents and energy into making the world a better place in such a beautiful way! Your work and the way you do it are wonderfully inspiring. May the seeds you plant here nourish many generations to come.
Diane Gage

Bright Ring said...
Peace matters, and what you have done matters too. Involving children in forward thinking peaceful ventures in an excellent way to invite them to be peaceful adults in their futures. Congratulations!

MaryAnn KOhl, art author for kids
3:38 PM