Commissions are Welcome!

Here are images of commissioned projects that I have been involved with. Double click on any image to enlarge.
Please call to discuss your ideas for a commission.

Illustration made for the LJ Athenaeum secret auction

What Will You Do For Peace?
"Click here for more information in the 911 Peace Quilt"

Quilt Project for the 2007 Uris Center Dedication
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Family photos, 

Pet pix and Vacation Photos 
can be  
Sketched or Painted

and turned into 
an original, 
one of a kind, 
hand made,
art work !

Family Scrolls
Have your favorite family photos painted
and added to a scroll to display in your home.

This is a commissioned portrait of a burro named Elvis with Granite mountain in the background. Elvis was painted in acrylic on wood panels. The panels were installed on a refrigerator in a custom home in Arizona. I'll post photos of the kitchen soon.