Quilts and Textiles

August, 2007 was spent finishing the "Our Ancestors" project. Take a look at the video. Shelly (my sweet daughter), thanks for the help quilting!

6. Chidren's Quilt Commission Project for theMetropolitan Museum of Art's Uris Center October 2007

Tricks for the Artist

This project was for a workshop at the Met's new Uris Center. One week-end (Th-Sun) in September I spent 33 hours in the studio measuring, cutting and sewing. Thankfully, Shelly and Anna helped so I wasn't alone. I had estimated that I could knock this project out in one afternoon. Boy, was I wrong! Faith said that, under estimation is a psychological tactic. When you employ this tactic you convince yourself that the upcoming project is not really so big or so bad, that it will not take much time and that in fact it's a piece of cake. This method of trickery helps you to tackle the biggest of projects and makes the project less daunting and more manageable. Try it yourself !