Flower Series

The Flower Series is a collection of brightly colored quilted paintings inspired by nature, color and Georgia O'Keefe. This series is on-going and I have plans to paint a Magnolia blossom and the Nightshade plant next. Double click to see larger images and make comments by clicking on the tiny comments link at the bottom of each section. Big White Flower: Flower Series #1, 2003
54 x 58

Red Poppy: Flower Series #2, 2004
59 x 54

Four Red Poppies: Flower Series #3, 2005
90 x 28

Peace Lilies: Flower Series #4
76.5 x 28
Private Collection

Three Flowers: Flower Series #5, 2005
70 x 30.5

White Poppies, 2011
66 x 29
These poppies were growing in the High Sierra'a near June Lake, Ca