Quilt Workshops

Teach Today Touch Tomorrow
Quilt Making Workshop
The Foundry, St. Charles, Mo 11 11 11

Unity Makes Us Stronger
This quilt was created in a workshop on
Saturday, August 28, 2010 in Baie StPaul, Quebec
at the International Artists Symposium.
It is in the collection of the
 Musee D'Art Contrmporain  de Baie St Paul
  click here to see more photos of the workshop

American Dream 
Quilt Workshop
North Carolina Art Education Association Conference
American Dream Quilt Making Workshop
October 24, 2009

Met's Uris Center 
Quilt Project 2007
Faith Ringgold and Grace Matthews 
designed and constructed this two quilt project for
Met Museum's 2007 Uris Center dedication.
Children from two area elementary schools
came to the Met to complete this project.
the quilt squares are tied together by colorful pieces of yarn.

Peace Quilt, 2006
Peace Quilt (workshop/commission) Faith Ringgold and Grace Matthews completed the design and construction of the Peace Quilt.The children designed and painted the individual squares in IRC workshop sessions.  IRC, Peace Quilt Reviews and travel itinerary

Doll Workshop
at Faith Ringgold's home
June 20, 2012

Portrait Doll Workshop

Portrait Wrap Doll

Age: 8 to adult

Objective: To create a soft sculpture using your own portrait and recycled materials.
Materials: Snapshot photo of your face or the face of someone you love, a roll of heavy weight aluminum foil 17” wide, fabric strips, needle, thread, scissors, glue, pins, costume jewelry, string, yarn, cord, buttons and broken or discarded costume jewelry.
Description: This 2 - 4 hour workshop makes use of everyday and recycled materials. Photo is glued to a cardboard oval, then glued to fabric that will cover the head. An armature is created from aluminum foil. Fabric strips are wrapped repeatedly over the foil until the armature has been strengthened and the sculpture has taken shape. String or yarn is wrapped over the fabric strips providing additional strength and fixes the loose ends of the fabric. The final step is to add the hair, clothing and adornments using buttons, beads, yarn and costume jewelry.
Preparation: Take a photo with your subject facing forward. The face should fit into a 2” high x 1.75” wide inch oval. Collect fabric donations. The fabric can come from old clothing, linens and leftover yardage. You will need about 1.5 yards of fabric per doll. The fabric should be cut into strips about 1 to 2 inches wide and as long as possible. Collect discarded costume jewelry, string, yarn, thread, cord, buttons, zippers, snaps and beads to add details to the sculpture. Beauty is in the details.


1. Cut 20 to 50 strips of fabric 1” to 2” wide and as long as possible.

2 A - Cut one large fabric circle 10” diameter.
This circle will cover the head.
Choose color to match your skin tone.

2 B - Cut four fabric circles each with a 5” diameter.
These small circles will cover feet and hands

2 C - Cut a 1.75” x 2” oval from stiff cardboard.
Use cardboard oval as a template to trace around
the face on your photo, then cut out the photo of your face.

The direction continue on in an illustrated and very detailed direction packet that is available to download. Access the instruction packet from the link bellow.

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Art Teachers
created portrait wrap dolls at a workshop with
Faith Ringgold and Grace Matthews
on October 23, 2009

The link below has images of doll making workshops with children and with adults in New Orleans.

Day of the Dead 
Box Workshop
Susan Richards created this touching memorial box for her Mother (in a workshop).
The piece is abundant with loving memories and meaning.
Susan will tell you all about it in this sweet informative video.
Thanks Susan!