Crazy for President Obama
 Obama doll or soft sculpture in process
Photo taken on 5/15/09

Barack Obama inauguration, 2009
acrylic on paper 11 x 14
I painted this before the inauguration. The process was like visualizing a dream.
I'm back in the studio after a long time away. I'm excited about the possibility of the positive changes that Barack Obama will bring to our country and so I was inspired to make a painting to commemorate his historic inauguration day. This painting is acrylic on paper and it will get a few changes. I'll add myself and a few friends to the crowd. We will all be there in spirit on Jan 20, 2009.

It is a day of History and Inspiration !
I made this digital painting while watching the inauguration.

7 x 12 Ceramic tile commemorating
President Obama's 2009 inauguration
In the collection of Faith Ringgold

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Includes shipping within the US.

The First Dance
Face Book Collaborative Mail Art Project

Stacie added the word hope, a flower and the pale blue in the bottom quarter of the image on the left. Lisa Bebi added a red heart, yellow and random letters and numbers.

Priscilla Kennedy added the words at last and added red and blue to the presidential seal.
Now I wait for the last 2 artists to make their additions and then return it to me.