Cradle Project

Cassandra, 2008
28 L x 18 W x 19 H
Mixed Media

We are thankful to have the opportunity to add our voices to promote awareness of the circumstances that the sub-Saharan African orphaned children are experiencing. The title of our piece is taken from Greek mythology. Cassandra was the child of King Priam of Troy. Cassandra has the power to predict the future and the curse that no one believes her. She can predict disasters such as the Trojan horse. In our work Cassandra’s power is again an insistence to take notice of the situation and the need to help the children now and this time we believe.

We take care to infuse love into our cradle, to build in the comfort of an infants cradle. The cradle must rock to sooth and reassure. The sides are created from old clothing woven into the cradle’s sides to emphasizes that no baby can fall through the cracks. The soft pillows are made from Mom’s sweet old pajamas and stuffed with recycled bubble wrap.

The recycled elements are a metaphor for the 48 million children whose first lives included parents and now their new lives do not. Yet the potential for their lives to be safe, happy, beautiful and supported does exist. If there is enough potential in pieces of scrap to make a structure which cradles a child, then the possibility of a bright future also exit for the orphans of sub-Saharan Africa.

The children need our assistance! Cassandra represents one of 1000 efforts to contribute to the Cradle Project. Believe Cassandra's prophesy and help the children now.
Grace MatthewsFebruary 27, 2008
San Diego, CA