Tips and Tricks form Artists

Whenever I "hit a wall", I spend an hour cranking out embellishments. Most itmes, I'll have my concentration back before the hour is even over.
Renee Richetts

When I'm uncertain of direction, I clean up the studio. Just sorting and handling materials generally leads to new sketches.
Susan Richards

When I get stuck, or need inspiration I go for a walk with my camera in the park or the beach, away from the distractions.
Stacie Birky Greene

Dale Chihuly finds inspiration in water. He lives in Washington state and walks in the rain. He also soaks in the bath.
Dale Chihuly

Faith Ringgold taught me this tip. When you have a project that is overwhelming in scope convince yourself that the project is not really soooooo big, it's definatley not to big for you to handle and you can finish it in a short amount of time.
Faith Ringgold

I sit in my studio not expecting to accomplish anything. I just look and relax. It is important to be in my studio each day or when I can. If I see a motif that I would like to draw, I draw it right away before it gets cold and looses it's power.
I just start drawing or painting to make marks. When I get stuck I start another. Eventually one of the images takes on more meaning for me.
PA Lamb

I have a ritual to get 2 working. Enter studio with coffee, lots of bags & my dog Lita. Read paper. Make a list or review list. Write in journal. Walk around work area.I'm in. I usually have several projects going at one time so I'm never at a loss of what 2 do.
Anna Stoa

I go to the studio with or without a plan and I have several projects going at one time. Some of the projects can be done when the light has gone and some that don't require math or a lot of concentration.
I make lists of projects that I want to do for the year.
Grace Matthews