Hi, that's me in my studio and Rudy's quilt is on the table (in the process of being quilted). Rudy's quilt is finished now and is the fourth work in "My American Family". "My American Family" is a series of painted quilts of (what else but) my family. I continue to add to and build on this series. Another ongoing quilt project is the Flower Series. The Flower series is inspired by color, California and Georgia O'keefe.   As I find my way in this creative journey I have created a variety of Quilts and Textiles.

I'm an artist that lives in San Diego and I've been  Faith Ringgold's artist assistant since 1994. I paint, quilt, draw, make day of the dead boxes, dabble with encaustic (because of friends Anna and Judy), do ceramics, photography, commissions and pet memorials. I've enjoyed working on textile commissions like the Peace QuiltChuppa and something for the Metropolitan's new Uris Center. Because of my love for Pugs and the many pug Images I've created I've been commissioned to paint animal portraits too. I offer a variety of workshops on doll making, Quilt making and boxes.

I've put images of my quilts, paintings, drawings, boxes and prints on this site. You can access everything including videos from the "On this Blog" list on your left. I've also added a links to friends, exhibitions and other sites.

Are you interested in hosting an exhibition? Take a look at exhibitions available for loan.
I welcome commissions and feedback so let me know what you think of the artwork and this blog. Here  my email GraceMatthews1@aol.com.

April, 2015
I'm thankful that I keep doing my art work. Life has reduced my studio time a great deal lately but I keep plugging away. Recently there's been a change in how I'm working, it's less linear. I'm trying out meditation to help me see images about; energy, connections, relationships and the many layers of meaning that can be applied to everything. "The Space In-Between" was inspired by several things. First the concept of energy, space and time. Second, my love of trees and a need for quiet and beauty to reboot the joo-joo. The Matisse Cut out show at MoMA. Matisse worked on those cut outs from his sick bed. He was driven to keep making art. His cut-outs are simple, strong, beautiful and very inspiring.  Another inspiration are the vibrant patterns of Yayoi Kusama.

August 2013: Make a drawing a day
My friend Pricilla Lamb and I are each doing a drawing a day for the month of August. Each day we make a drawing and then post it on Face Book for the other to see and comment on. Some of our friends are commenting too. The hardest part for me has been committing the time to the project and then figuring out what I want to draw that day. Each day I'm excited to see what Priscilla is going to do and say.  It's fun to have a buddy in this little drawing adventure.

This project was inspired by a very short Ted talk by Matt Cutts
Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just ... haven't? 

Here are my drawings so far.


Anti Bullying poster Campaign (click to see details)

Images of my Work

New from the studio
Faith's Garden #2
I have a pile of prints with black lines only and
I paint up a picture each time one is requested.
White Poppies, 2011
66 x 29
painted quilt
I photographed these poppies in the
High Sierra'a near June Lake, Ca

An Artists resolution: Do more portraits!
I made a 2012 New Years resolution to do more portraits.
 My plan was to work from live models but
that was a challenge that stymied my whole plan.
Now that I have relaxed the rules and I'm wiling
 to draw from photos as well as live models
 the process is flowing.

Katie's 21st birthday

Pam at tax time

Matt 3/3/2012

Jacquie 3/3/2012

Kay 3/3/2012



Shell and Rudy


John, Kyle and Dana

Aliee, Kaitlyn and Lindsey
I am on a roll with the scrolls. The two newest ones are of pink and red tree blossoms.  I make the ceramic beads for the top and the bottom and then anything goes for the painted central image.

Family Scrolls

Family scrolls tell the story of who your ancestors were or paint a picture of your family now with images of  mom, kids, dog whoever.  Do you want your family story told on a scroll?

family scrolls
family portraits and family photos are painted on these scrolls 

Welcome Quilt, 2011
Artists from left to right; Marva Wjitehead, Anna Stoa, 
Jeanne Zvetina, Grace Matthews and Sarah Tippit.
I invited some talented friends help me make a quilt 
The "WELCOME" quilt is 12.25 x 89 inches and acrylic 
on canvas with fabric borders.  It's bright and cheery
and it will be installed in the centers intake lobby.
The next project (in 2012) will be for the babies, 
a  high contrast kuba design quilt for their nursery.

New Print
Obama Again 2011
Limited edition silk screem
15 x 11 inches

Mahalia Jackson box and Flower Boards

Quilt Workshop

Faith Ringgold and I designed and led a quilt workshop
in Baie St. Paul, Quebec in Aug 2010.  The Unity Makes Us Stronger Quilt was the result. 
click here for more details about hosting a workshop at your venue.

Ongoing in the studio are these recycled CD mobils, babies love the patterns and reflections.
When the sun reflects off of the moving CD's the light moves and bounces around the room.